About David Ferdinand

In the past four decades, he has held major marketing communications, roles, including product marketing, video production, and as a producer of national and global radio, TV, newspaper, advertising, and public relations campaigns.

David serves on many community boards and is involved in the political spectrum of Idaho.  This experience awards him a vast knowledge of what is going on in the State of Idaho and will save YOU time and money.
Elected Lt. Governor Kiwanis
Elected Lt. Governor Kiwanis

Elected as Lt Governor for Utah-Idaho, Kiwanis International.

Joins Syme Real Estate
Joins Syme Real Estate

David Ferdinand added Realtor® to his list of accomplishments continuing in Development, Commercial Real Estate, and Consulting with a newly formed David Ferdinand Commercial Real Estate Services with Broker Syme Real Estate in Canyon County.

Formed David Ferdninand Consulting

David Ferdinand has formed David Ferdinand Consulting working with clients in business communications; media and the Nonprofit group Hands of Hope Northwest Foundation.

Executive Director
Executive Director

David Ferdinand served as the Executive Director of Hands of Hope Northwest, Inc. from March 2013 to January 2014.

Canyon County Commissioner
Canyon County Commissioner

January 2004 to January 2013
David Ferdinand served as the District #3 Canyon County Commissioner, Canyon County, Idaho. In his capacity as an elected official, he also served as Past Chair of the Valley Regional Transit (VRT), Past Chair of the Community Planning Association (Compass) and Past Chair of the Idaho Council of Governments, Past Chair of the National Association of Counties (NACo) Steering Committee for Technology and Telecommunications and the Past Parliamentarian (2013).

Founds Century Companies
Founds Century Companies

David Ferdinand is the founder of Century Companies a communications consulting company located in Idaho and co-founder of CommitteetoElect.net, a full-service Web based Application Service Provider (ASP) providing database driven web sites for all levels of political, public policy and non-profit organizations. Committee to Elect ™ was developed as one of the elements spun from ElectionTalk.net, launched in the ’98 election cycle. Century Communications continues to function as business development, media, production, and image consulting company.

Starts Broadcasting Career

My broadcasting career began at Boise College in 1967 as part of the broadcast group we launched a Campus Radio Station - KBSC (Boise State College) in January of 1968 housed in the Sub Ballroom. Hired at KFXD in November 1968 as a radio disc jockey, news director, and then as a television news anchor. As well as providing creative talent, he has worked in all facets of broadcasting including news and advertising production. Ferdinand continues to guest host local talk radio programs for 670 KBOI, and many guest appearances on KIDO Talk Radio – Kevin Miller Radio Program.

David J Ferdinand, II

Realtor ® Agent and Consultant
David Ferdinand Commercial Real Estate Services
Syme Commercial Real Estate - Ferdinand LLC

Volunteer and Community Service Partner

President, Canyon County Industrial Development Corporation
Utah-Idaho Kiwanis District – Lt. Governor Division 9
Treasure Valley Kiwanis – Founding Member, Past President
Nampa Kiwanis - Past President
Board Member, past president, corporate agent, and Sponsorship Director for God and Country Festival since 1999
Former 3-Term Canyon County Commissioner from 2004 - 2013
National Association of Counties Telecommunications & Technology Steering Committee – Past Chair & Parliamentarian
Chase Away the Clouds (Home for Cancer Treatment Patients) – Advisory Consultant
Hands of Hope Northwest, Inc.- (Medical Missions Ministry) – Advisory Board Member
Saint Alphonsus Foundation, Nampa – Board Member, Chaplin, Spiritual Wellness Chairman, Past -Chair Philanthropy Committee
Northwest Nazarene University – Nursing Advisory Council - Member
Windrider Institute - Board of Directors *
Idaho Songwriter’s Association – Member
Canyon County Comp Plan AG Work Group – Member
Nampa Association Of Realtors – Member, Scholarship – Education – Golf Committees
History of Idaho Broadcasting Foundation – Member
Genesis – Sunny Ridge Retirement Home, Pastor/Chaplin
First Church of the Nazarene, Nampa – Worship Team, Men’s Prayer Team, Leader
Founder and consultant for Century Communications and Century Companies since 1987
Hands of Hope Northwest Current Advisory Board Member and past Executive Director and Board Member
Former Board Member of Nampa Development Corporation

*Institute, Forum, Film Festivals – The Windrider Forum was launched as an immersive experience between filmmakers and film lovers designed to facilitate thoughtful conversation, awaken compassion, and inspire change.

About Planning Liaison Services

As your planning and development services liaison, I can advocate and connect you with a vast network of agents and brokerages to promote your projects and ideas to get you exactly what you are looking for.   I have a track record of successes and vast knowledge base coming from of years of experience.
- Set meetings to connect you with investors and/or vacation home real estate transactions
- Support lead generation, lead qualifications, and conversions.
- Engage and manage leads to obtain business referrals
- Drive sales growth in selected areas
- Attend market events to sell your properties

About Land Use Consulting Services

As a land use consultant I am here to help you get through the complex planning processes with the cities and counties; be it residential, agricultural, recreation, transportation, or commercial. 

As a former County Commissioner, I am  experienced with land use applications and the permitting processes for local jurisdictions.   
I can advise property owners on land use and planning issues, and act as a representative for the applicant with the local planning departments and quasi-judicial hearings.  I do the appropriate research and problem solving for land owners who are interested in obtaining land use permits for homesites, commercial uses, subdivisions, etc. through the appropriate departments. 

I address the demographics, economy, housing, transportation, public services, environmental conditions and existing land uses to find the best fits.  Saving YOU time and money.

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